September 28, 2021

Castle Activities!

I have always loved castles.  As a kid I was always fascinated by them and when I traveled through Europe I got to see Neuschwanstein in Germany – one of the most photographed castles still around today.  And, I also have a miniature castle collection.  So yeah, I still love them.

So it made sense that my first activity product was in a castle theme.  Activity packets are a great resource for teachers.  Not only can they be used as part of the standard classroom curriculum, they can also be used for extra work, to help students that may be struggling, or as part of sub plans.  And with a good theme, they can hold the kids’ interest and make learning fun!

When mapping out what I wanted in the activity packet, I started with a list of literacy ideas and math ideas.  For literacy, I wrote a short non-fiction piece on castles, (2 versions, differentiated) then wrote an abbreviated version of The Sword in the Stone for a fictional story, also in 2 differentiated versions.  For each, I then created writing activities about the stories, from written responses to writing prompts.  I also put together a castle vocabulary list, from which I made word searches, vocabulary cards, and other word-related activities.  I also made drawing activities, including color by numbers and castle symmetries.

Math activities include one of the color-by-number worksheets requiring solving addition problems, dot-to-dot and math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  I also created some other fun sheets where students can learn about and draw a Coat of Arms and complete castle mazes of varying difficulty levels.

I put together a fun cover page and many of the sheets use the clipart I created as part of my KP Clipart Castles set!

Here’s a few preview images of the Castle Activity Packet:

And here are some blow-ups of two of the activities and two of the castle mazes:

The Activity Packet ended up with 50 pages.  I know all pages are probably not at the right level for any individual class, but I think they can be used for students of varying levels in grades 1-3.

Here’s a link to the product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Castle Literacy and Math Activity Packet

I hope you find this packet a fun resource for your students.



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