September 28, 2021

Pirate Activity Packet

Arrrrr matey!  Who doesn’t love pirates?  Well, except for all of the plundering they did back in the day … but now, looking back in history, they seem to have some sort of romanticized reputation.  Children now see pirates as these funny characters full of adventure – which makes pirate-themed teaching materials so great for learning.

For this activity packet, I started by assembling all of the clipart I wanted to use.  Some of it were bits and pieces I had collected in preparation for my own set of pirate clipart (which I may still get around to making some day), and other clipart I put together specifically for this packet. 

I put together the vocabulary words I wanted to build activities around along with pirate expressions, and then wrote the non-fiction and fiction texts for the literacy parts of the packet. 

I think I had the most fun making the Pirate Directions and Treasure Map activities. Here is the cover and the preview pages for the product:

The Pirate Activity Packet is now available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  

Here’s a direct link to the product:
Pirate Literacy and Math Activity Packet

On to the next activities – outer space!



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