September 28, 2021

Ancient Egypt History, Literacy and Math Activies

When I was in middle school, I loved studying the Egyptians as part of the Ancient Civilizations unit.  It is hard to believe their culture remained untouched for thousands of years!  I mean, the USA has only been a country for a little over 200 years, and we think the colonial Americans were a long, long time ago.

Then, when I was in architecture school, I studied the art and architecture of the Egyptians and was fascinated by their pyramids and temples.  So much so that when I had the opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, I made sure I had enough money to go to Egypt.  What a trip that was!  In Giza I was able to visit the pyramids and go inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

Planning worksheets for elementary activities on Ancient Egypt allowed me to revisit the art and architecture I had previously studies, as well as re-learning about hieroglyphics and other parts of Egyptian history. 

Here is the cover for the Activity Packet:

And here are the preview pages showing the range of all of the worksheets in this packet:


One of my favorite activities in the packet is Make A Pyramid.  It’s an easy craftivity for students and the end result is pretty cool!

Here’s the direct link to this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Ancient Egypt Literacy and Math Activity Packet

I enjoyed making this product and am now going to do more ancient civilization products – Greece and Rome!



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