September 28, 2021

Ancient Greece – History and Activity Packet

Continuing my trek through the ancient civilizations, my next stop is Ancient Greece.  I had also traveled to Greece during my European trip back in college.  From the island of Corfu to the Acropolis in Athens, it was also a great time – especially Athens!  Seeing the Parthenon and other temples on the Acropolis was a thrill.

In researching the Greeks for a teaching packet, I started with a little bit of their history and basic vocabulary, followed by Greek Stories.  The Greeks were great writers, with legends, myths and fables that are still read today.  I wrote an abbreviated Trojan Horse story as my legend, The Story of Icarus as my myth, and Aesop’s Tortoise and the Hare as my fable.  I put together Reading Response sheets for each and a Comparison and Legend, Myth or Fable sheets as well.

The Greek Alphabet is also still used today, although not exactly the same as it was in Ancient times.  But I included an activity for the Greek Alphabet so students can begin to see different cultures use different symbols for their letters.

I also did a set of Greek Vocabulary Cards (with ABC Order and Words/Sentences) and Word Searches for Greek Gods and Greek Myths.  I also wrote a bit about the Greek City-States knowing that most of the politics and wars between them are a bit advanced for elementary-aged students.  Also in the packet is a section on Greek Gods and Goddesses, including trading cards and a design Your Own God/Goddess activity.

I then covered Greek Art and Architecture, with a couple of Greek Temple activities and a Greek Pot/Vase activity, and a sheet describing the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  For math activities, I used Ancient Greek Coins for counting, and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  

The packet also has a couple of Minotaur Mazes and a KWL Grid.

Here’s the direct link to this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:Ancient Greece Literacy and Math Activity Packet .

Another fun history product to make – now it’s on to Rome!


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