September 28, 2021

Space, the Solar System and Planets Activity Packet

Space, the Final Frontier …

No, no – this will not be a Star Trek blog post.  Instead, I’d like to tell you about a fun activity packet about Space that I just finished!  Here’s the cover:

I put this cover together using some clip art from a couple of my KP Clipart Space sets – Space Backgrounds and Space Buddies.  Then, throughout the activity packet, I also used clip art from my KP Clipart Space Planets and Rockets set and Solar System and Planets set.  I also had to put together some new clip art for this packet … and I found it’s a lot different making clip art for my own set as opposed to making clip art sets for others to buy when you don’t really know what images will be used and what might not be so popular.

So with this Space Activity Packet I’ve put together some fun activities for students following a Space theme.  These include differentiated non-fiction and fiction reading about Space and Space Travel, along with a Paired Texts sheet, Reading Response, Writing Prompt, and Read, Think Response worksheets.  I’ve also included Word Searches, Vocabulary Cards, an Acrostic Poem, and other fun Literacy activities like an Astronaut Secret Code sheet and an Astronaut Application.

For Math, there is Astronaut Math, Space Skip Counting, and a Space Directions Map.  There are also special fact sheets about the Solar System and Constellations with activities for each as well as a couple of Space Mazes.

Here are the preview pages for the product:

This was a fun product to put together – I’ve always enjoyed everything space-related (and no, I’m not a space nerd!), and the space, solar system and planets theme lends itself to great activities.

Here’s the direct link to this product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Space, Solar System and Planets Literacy and Math Activity Packet



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