September 28, 2021

American Revolution Activity Packet

It’s Springtime – and here in New England, it is when the American Revolution is celebrated.  Especially here in Lexington where, on Patriots Day each year, the historic Battle of Lexington is re-enacted.  I got up early a few years ago to go see it.  And when I say early, I mean 4:30 am.  The battle starts at 6:00, and you have to get there early to get a good view.  The Battle Green in Lexington is not very big, and there are so many people that attend the re-enactment, we’re talking tour groups on tour buses, that the entire Lexington Center gets packed.

The battle re-enactment is a minute-by-minute, by the books account of what really happened.  The people of Lexington who serve as the actors take it seriously.  The battle itself is only about twenty minutes long, but it’s a lot of fun to watch.

So in making an Activity Packet for students, I wanted to concentrate on the events leading up to the American Revolution and not so much on the Revolutionary War.  I started with some background on the British Colonies and the reason the British started imposing taxes on the colonists.  Then there is a Boston Tea Party reading activity and a synopsis of the events of the Revolutionary War.

There is a separate Paul Revere’s Ride Close Read, then a reading piece on the Declaration of Independence, with a Reading Response, a John Hancock signature activity, and a worksheet on the Important Phrases in the Declaration of Independence.  There are also readings on the Liberty Bell and Old Glory, the history of the American Flag.

There are some American Revolution Write the Words Worksheets for younger or more challenged kids and a Minuteman Adventure story writing prompt.  I then did an American Revolution Word Search, Vocabulary Cards, ABC Order and Words and Sentences worksheets.  Other fun activities include an Acrostic Poem, Senses worksheet, Old North Church Symmetry drawing, Matching, Patterns, How Many? and an Old Glory Color by Number.  For other math activities I made a Secret Code worksheet, Skip Counting, Word Problems and a Hidden Picture.  I finished with an American Flag maze and a KWL grid.

Here are the preview images of the American Revolution Literacy and Math Activity Packet:

Here is a link to the product, available in my KP Classroom Teachers Pay Teachers store:

American Revolution Literacy and Math Activity Packet



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