September 28, 2021

American Revolution Activity Packet

It’s Springtime – and here in New England, it is when the American Revolution is celebrated.  Especially here in Lexington where, on Patriots Day each year, the historic Battle of Lexington is re-enacted.  I got up early a few years ago to go see it.  And when I say early, I mean 4:30 am.  The battle starts at 6:00, and you have to get there early to get a good view.  The Battle Green in Lexington is not very big, and there are so many people that attend …

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Ancient Greece – History and Activity Packet

Continuing my trek through the ancient civilizations, my next stop is Ancient Greece.  I had also traveled to Greece during my European trip back in college.  From the island of Corfu to the Acropolis in Athens, it was also a great time – especially Athens!  Seeing the Parthenon and other temples on the Acropolis was a thrill.In researching the Greeks for a teaching packet, I started with a little bit of their history and basic vocabulary, followed by Greek Stories.  The Greeks were great writers, with legends, myths …

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Ancient Egypt History, Literacy and Math Activies

When I was in middle school, I loved studying the Egyptians as part of the Ancient Civilizations unit.  It is hard to believe their culture remained untouched for thousands of years!  I mean, the USA has only been a country for a little over 200 years, and we think the colonial Americans were a long, long time ago.Then, when I was in architecture school, I studied the art and architecture of the Egyptians and was fascinated by their pyramids and temples.  So much so that when I had …

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