September 28, 2021

American Revolution Activity Packet

It’s Springtime – and here in New England, it is when the American Revolution is celebrated.  Especially here in Lexington where, on Patriots Day each year, the historic Battle of Lexington is re-enacted.  I got up early a few years ago to go see it.  And when I say early, I mean 4:30 am.  The battle starts at 6:00, and you have to get there early to get a good view.  The Battle Green in Lexington is not very big, and there are so many people that attend …

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St. Patrick’s Day Activity Worksheets

It’s springtime again … and that means the first spring holiday is almost here – St. Patrick’s Day!   I had fun putting together my St. Patrick’s Day Activity Packet.  I started with a little geography about Ireland – and also the Irish flag.  Then there’s a history sheet about St. Patrick, who he was and what he did.  I actually created two versions, one that talks more about the religion aspects of his life and one that is more non-religious.  Next is a worksheet about the shamrock – …

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Daylight Saving Time Activity Packet

Hey, it’s that time of year again (already!).  We’re about to change our clocks again for Daylight Saving Time.  What’s the best way to teach students about why we change the clocks?  Check out my new Activity Packet … I have some reading worksheets that explain why we have Daylight Saving Time and the history behind Daylight Savings, both with Close Read response worksheets and a Paired Text worksheet.The packets also has some drawing and coloring activities, fill in the blanks, and some other fun writing activities, like …

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Leap Day / Leap Year Activity Packet

     Mrs. Robinson is a 2nd grade teacher.  She has a student named Jack who has only had two birthdays.  How can that be?      Jack’s birthday is February 29.  But wait, doesn’t February have 28 days?  Yes it does, but Jack was born in 2008 and February had 29 days because it was a Leap Year.  What is a leap year?      Every four years, a day is added to the calendar. It happens in a Leap Year. So every four years there is a year with …

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