September 28, 2021

First Teachers Pay Teachers Product – Geometric Shapes

I completed my first clipart product – Yay!  In going through the process for the first time, I think everything took longer as I was spending a lot of time figuring things out and testing what the best way to do something was.  And since I take pride in my work, I definitely wanted to be sure that what I put out as a product reflects the quality of all of the work I am going to produce.So, I thought it would be great to start with basic geometric …

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New Wacom Intuos Tablet

I’m now using my new Christmas gift from Julie – a medium Wacom Intuos Creative Pen & Touch Tablet! As an architect, I love to draw.  And after so many years, I’m used to having a pen or pencil in my hand, even in this more modern, technological age where most things are done on the computer.  But up to now, when it came to working on digital art, I’ve only had a mouse … so that’s what I’ve used.  Actually, I think I’ve become pretty good at …

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2015 New Year’s Writing Craftivity

While my wife Julie and I were brainstorming ideas for the clipart store, she told me about this idea she had for a sort of New Year’s resolution activity for her students … and that it could also make a great product to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.  She told me how she thought it would work and then I started drawing.After a couple of trial “faces” and “hair” I printed out what I had and Julie and I figured out what the final size of everything should …

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Time To Get Started

OK – I finally have time to start being a clip-artist!  With Christmas now behind us and another 5 days with no kids bugging me, I’m able to take the time to get everything organized to start the business.  I had already put the logo together a couple of weekends ago and had set up the new website, along with “stores” on both Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy, so there’s no excuse.I’m starting with Shapes – basic ones at first, in order to get a feel for the …

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